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Direct carving by hand

Locally sourced red cedar

H 120  W 40  D 60  (cm)

H 3'93"  W 1'31"  D 1'96"


The piece captures the precious moment before an offspring in its full vulnerability is aware of its wider environment and can engage with it. The block in its geometry encases the possibilities, while the sunflowers represent time, and the stars represent fate. This is an inverse representation of funerary art, whereby the geometry of the block, and the artwork surrounding that block (low relief carvings and paintings), celebrate the start of life and its possibilities rather than reflecting on memories and past lives. The block is not a perfect geometrical form, but rather a fragment of it. This metaphorically alludes to an incomplete understanding of the world which we perceive through our senses.

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©2023 by Mariano Cavaleri

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