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My mother was an artist who introduced me to the art of observing and conveying our emotions and values through representation, once I was old enough to sit on a folding stool. I remember sitting by her side in the garden of Parque Leloir, Buenos Aires, in front of an easel looking out into nature and the world around us. Beyond that, the rest for me has been technical training, and further developing the ability to observe the world around us.


My mother was born in Tucumán to an ill mother and an absent father, but grew up with the love of “tía Rubia”, sister of her mother, and “abuelito José”, her grandfather, who had been an illegitimate child and became a self-made man. Early in her life she learned to live with loss and fend for herself. She studied art in the Instituto Superior de Artes, Universidad de Tucumán, under the instruction of  Lino Spilimbergo and Lajos Szalay, and then continued her studies in Buenos Aires. She saw in her life a way of bringing joy and hope to others through art. She taught art in schools in the slums of Buenos Aires to children in an extreme situation of need, but she inspired them to learn in the hope of a better future.


Through her eyes, we see that art is not only a reflection of life, but also a vehicle by which to connect to others with an active purpose. It is a way of binding us all in our journey through life. Therefore I invite you to support the Cavaleri Foundation which provides opportunities to people in need to develop their purpose and skills, thereby continuing my mother’s legacy through donations, leasing and acquisitions.

©2023 by Mariano Cavaleri

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